About the OSSC category

The Open Source Steering Committee represents the OpenFn community of end users and implementers. It reviews and gives feedback on major roadmap decisions, new designs, specifications, features, and protocol changes for OpenFn’s Open Source Integration Toolkit, which includes:

  • OpenFn/docs
  • OpenFn/core
  • OpenFn/engine
  • OpenFn/microservice
  • OpenFn/devtools
  • all of the OpenFn adaptors

The OSSC’s membership and decision making process are defined in the OSSC’s internal governance policy. If you’re interested in joining, we’d love to hear from you!

The OSSC began in mid-2021 and six meetings took place between April and November of that year. The members for the inaugural 2021 term were:

  • Aleksa Krolls (OpenFn)
  • Andrea King (Dimagi)
  • Jake Watson (DIAL)
  • Jennifer Shivers (OpenHIE/Regenstrief)
  • Robert MacTavish (UNICEF/Primero)
  • Taylor Downs (OpenFn/GovStack)
  • Teddy Berihun (Senior Digital Health Advisor)