Changes for current v1 platform users on

Hello, current users!

We’ve made some changes to our website ( ahead of our public launch of Lightning —the OpenFn “v2” :zap: . More updates on the v2 are coming this week. If you are a current user of the OpenFn “v1” platform hosted on, please read on to learn about minor changes impacting your login page.

OpenFn’s new website & how to log into “v1”

Now when you go to, you’ll find our updated website. If you’re a current OpenFn user:

  1. Click Log in (via the home page) or go directly to
  2. Then, click "Looking for v1" to be redirected to the login page for the v1 app

Once you log into the v1 app, you’ll notice everything looks the same, except a “v1.” prefix has been added to the URL (e.g., “….”). Everything should work exactly as it did before, but contact if you have any questions or issues.

Versioning of OpenFn Docs

Now when you access, by default you’ll be directed to the “v2⚡” content. To access the documentation specific to the “v1” platform, click the version dropdown and select “v1.105”.

Public launch of the OpenFn “v2”

In our continued push to invest in open-source, this week we’re making a public announcement about the launch of Lightning–the “v2” of the OpenFn Digital Public Good (DPG). It is a fully open source workflow automation web application which can be deployed and run anywhere.The v2 leverages the same tried-and-trusted core technology as the OpenFn v1 (the platform you’re familiar with) and comes with new features, including an improved, visual interface for building integrations. Stay tuned for more product updates on the v2 release (already on Github)!


Questions? Need help?

We will be offering free v1-to-v2 migration support to all users on a paid SaaS plan on the v1 OpenFn-hosted platform at Migration docs coming soon, and our support team will be in touch with all v1 users next week with detailed migration information and suggested next steps, specific to your project and organization. The v1 platform will remain active and supported at least until the end of 2024.

Questions? Need help?

Reply or post here, or contact us directly at for any queries specific to your user or project hosted on

Stay tuned for the v2 launch updates this week!
Aleksa (on behalf of the OpenFn core team)