CiviCrm integration

Hey all,

I saw on your website ( that OpenFn integrates with CiviCrm. I’m not able to find out how that actually works though. Is there documentation explaining that?

Hi there @wwahammy - CiviCrm has a REST API (see docs), so it’s possible to use OpenFn to integrate it with other applications or database systems. The OpenFn ‘http’ adaptor can be used to send http requests to this API out-of-box (see http adaptor docs and more sample job scripts. You might also consider building your own adaptor that is specific to this application (see docs on “adaptors”).

Generally, the docs site is a good place to learn how to get started & you can register for a free account to try things out yourself.

@taylordowns2000 @Mamadou @rita have you come across CiviCrm before?