Complete Synchronization between questionnaire and DHIS2


Is there any integration between Survey Applications(OpenDK,Kobo tool box or SurveyCTO) and DHIS2 that take questions in the former and create necessary metadata(attributes and data elements) in the latter automatically. For example, if the questionnaire get updated, automatically the corresponding data element or attributes are created in DHIS2. Thank you

There isn’t yet, that I know of. Wildlife Conservation Society actually does just what you’re talking about with Postgres: When forms are created or modified in KoboToolbox their OpenFn configuration:

  1. pulls form data from Kobo and parses it
  2. builds or modifies the tables and columns in a Postgres database
  3. builds a job in OpenFn that will automatically transform and load submission data into that database when it comes into OpenFn
  4. and then builds a new trigger which makes the the new job built for OpenFn run anytime submission data shows up for that form.

You can learn about the structure of the solution here.

For DHIS2, you should be able to do the same, but this type of metadata integration is really complex. Since their forms in Kobo can be infinitely nested with repeat groups, multi-select lookups, etc., the data model in Postgres (and the jobs on OpenFn that have to create that data model on the fly) is really fairly complicated.