Connecting to AzureAD

OpenFN has no adaptor for AzureAD. Is there a workaround?

Hey @Chuma.ani , looks like the last Azure AD project delivered by OpenFn is here: GitHub - OpenFn/women-for-women: OpenFn integrations for BambooHR, MS Azure AD, and other systems

Seems like they use the Microsoft graph api. Have a look. If you’re keen on having a dedicated adaptor for some Azure AD specific functions could I interest you in making one? Or collaborating with someone on our team to make one together?

Are you using, Lightning, or a devtools approach?

Ack! Actually @Chuma.ani , looks like there is
already an adaptor: GitHub - OpenFn/language-activedirectory: An adaptor for working with Azure's Active Directory

Thanks so much for your prompt response.

One more question if I may ask here.

There is no credential template for AzureAD, any pointer on how to create this?


No worries! Use OAuth 2.0 for the Azure/Bamboo integration -