Custom Concatenate

Hi All,

I’ve looked over the custom concatenation help Open FN’s documentation provides (see below), but I’m struggling to figure out how to concatenate three values together.

I have data coming in from an ODK form with birth-year, birth-month and day and I want to concatenate that into a value that can be understood by a Salesforce date field, which would look something like birthyear/birthmonth/day.

Open FN’s custom concatenate:

field("ODK_Key__c", function (state) {
          return (
              "(", dataValue("index")(state), ")"

Interesting! Once you build your date string (e.g., “1997-03-21”) you’ll need to call new Date(“1997-03-21”).toISOString() to get it into the required Salesforce format. See here:

Using that with str.concat could look like this:

field(“sf_date__c”, function(state) {
const string = dataValue(“year”)(state).concat(

return new Date(string).toISOString()

Thanks so much Taylor, very helpful!