DHIS2 Annual Conference 2022

Hello, there @OpenFn Community!
I’m in Oslo this week for the DHIS2 Annual Conference. I will definitely be at Wednesday’s Interoperability sessions to learn more about DHIS2 integration use cases, and to share more about our DHIS2 Adaptor, Lightning (the latest extension to our DPG), and implementation learnings from our partners. Is anyone here also in Oslo and keen to meet up?


@aleksa-krolls , beyond @austin 's input via the OSSC, I’d be really keen to hear how different folks at the conference feel about the current low-code direction we’re moving in for Lightning. we’ll keep all the battle-tested queuing/pub-sub stuff from our Erlang OTP application, but are targeting a much simpler workflow building experience on the front-end. A user interface that’s automatically generated from the specs/typedefs in the DHIS2 adaptor.

here are three images: (1) what’s live now on the Lightning demo site, (2) what we’re building right now, and (3) what we plan to build next—after another round of user interviews. would be cool to hear feedback on the general direction from a group of DHIS2 power-users.

what’s live now

what we’re building now

what we plan to build next

would love any feedback here — maybe even a few volunteers to connect with @amber for a user-interview if any of the folks you’re meeting up there are also current OpenFn.org users