[DMP 2024] Generate a project.yaml file from a list of steps

We are excited to participate in the 2024 Direct Mentoring Program by supporting two software engineers interested in contributing to Open Source Gov4Tech programs. This public channel is dedicated to discussing our sponsored feature: Generating project.yaml files from a list of steps.

Mentors, contributors, and community members are welcome to ask and answer questions related to this topic here.

Feel free to engage and share your insights!

I’m Shivansh, and I’ve been selected to work on this issue for DMP 2024. As a Data Science and ML enthusiast, I enjoy working on various AI-related projects. I am grateful to the OpenFn team and DMP for giving me this opportunity to work with them. I’m really excited to learn more about DPGs and industry-leading software practices through this mentorship program.

I’ve been developing a Python module that generates YAML files from workflow steps using NLP, rule-based parsing, and NER. You can check the initial AI pipeline I am following here:

My initial YAML generator implementation can be found in this Google Colab: RB+NER_Yaml.ipynb.

I hope my work aligns with the project goals. I would greatly appreciate your feedback and guidance on any potential improvements or clarifications regarding my responsibilities.

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