Errors when installing OpenFn Devtools

When trying to install the OpenFn Devtools on Windows, some users are hitting errors during the installation steps:

Can you advise if there are Windows-specific instructions and any troubleshooting guidance? And are any other Windows users experiencing such issues or have had success?

Please feel free to post any errors here and I’ll troubleshoot 'em. I’ve done the blank slate Windows setup recently and it seems to be working, but the major caveat may be that the instructions on that devtools repo are designed for use with Git BASH when running on Windows. Try downloading Git BASH here and then running the setup (./ in there. I’ll keep my eye on this thread.

Hrmmm… while that seems to be only for bash, this works for me in Windows Powershell @Mamadou . Could you ask the WCS folks to paste their errors here? Then we can update the docs once we have an idea of what the problems are!

git clone
npm install -g @openfn/core
mkdir adaptors
cd adaptors
git clone
cd language-http
npm install
cd ../../
core execute -l ./adaptors/language-http -e <path-to-expression> -s <path-to-state> -o <path-to-output>