First OSSC meeting of 2022

Hey folks,

Wednesday marked the first of 2022’s six Open Source Steering Committee meetings, in which we discussed the roadmap for OpenFn/Lightning - a new and fully open source version of our platform which will lower the technical barrier to writing jobs and achieve OpenHIE/ATNA audit-trail compliance.

@delcroip - one of the committee members - also presented the various ways in which his organization, Swiss TPH, have been implementing OpenFn, including their OpenFn-OpenHIM mediator.

@taylordowns2000 , please upload slides and other resources in line.

On an admin note: this year we’ll be providing short recaps of the OSSC calls and trying to encourage broader community discussion around the direction of our open source tools here in discourse. The current OSSC members for the 2022 term include:

  • Aleksa Krolls (OpenFn)
  • Austin McGee (DHIS2)
  • Jake Watson (DIAL)
  • Jennifer Shivers (OpenHIE/Regenstrief)
  • Patrick Delcroix (SwissTPH)
  • Robert MacTavish (UNICEF/Primero)
  • Taylor Downs (OpenFn/GovStack)
  • Teddy Berihun (Senior Digital Health Advisor)
  • Vrunda Rathod (Digital Square/PATH)

If you’re interested in contributing please feel free to check out our governance page here or jump right into the discussion.

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Fantastic first meeting for 2022.

Here’s the slide deck.

And here’s the presentation @delcroip gave on using OpenFn as an OpenHIM mediator.

Thanks all, for joining.

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