Fnproject lb & ui orchestration problem

I hope to know if fnproject questions could be discussed here.
I tried deploying fnproject/lb and fnproject/ui in respective containers.
Although the ui container is default to having port 4000 for the dashboard interface, I saw from some technical document that in cluster mode we should use port 8080 of the lb node for dashboard.
However as I tried I cannot get dashboard displayed from 8080 of lb node.

Do you have any ideas how should I get the dashboard UI from cluster mode?

Many thanks

Hi @dadaludidu,

I don’t think the distinction between using port 8080 or 4000 matters that much; usually when using a load balancer you’re also using a reverse proxy. So you’d be access the app via port 80 or 443 (http://… or https://).

You are free to keep the port of the application running on 4000, or any other port you’d like since this is internal and accessed only by the reverse proxy.

If you want to change the port the application binds to, take a look at the env variables here; The PORT env variable needs to be changed to whatever you need. But it should be pointed out that URL_PORT, URL_HOST and URL_SCHEME are required to be set correctly when being served via a proxy. These control the URL generation. This allows the application to generate urls for links and assets relative to the browser.

@dadaludidu Are you asking about OpenFn Lightning, or https://fnproject.io?