Fourth OSSC meeting of 2022

Hi OpenFn community, today marked our 4th OSSC meeting of 2022.

In preparation, committee members thought about how we can best make a splash when Lightning launches? This is point 3 below… we wanted them to consider:

  • Which orgs/people should we invite for alpha in Q4?
  • What are the best user onboarding flows you’ve seen in the B2B application space? (Bonus points for those in the DPG/tech-for-good community.)
  • How can we best position/communicate around Lightning for a big splash for a public beta in Q1 2023?

The full agenda is below and we’ll provide a link to the recording when it’s ready:

  1. What we’ve delivered and what we’re building/testing right now
  2. What’s coming soon → broader alpha in Q4
  3. How to launch & make a splash
  4. Hosting → recap the implementation/software-delivery model
  5. DPG investment beyond June 2023
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Recoding link from OSSC 4: