GSOC core Metrics

Hello everyone,
My name is Ishan Kunkolikar, final year CSE student at NIT nagpur.
I was interested in working on the core Metrics project as I wanted to work in NodeJS and also interested in sandboxing, could someone guide me with the exact aim of the project. The given topic was not that clear for me.

Also are there any minimum coding requirements other than the application?

Thank you in advance.

Hi Ishan. The big picture goal is to get critical system metrics for each “run” in core. We think it will be very useful for administrators working on high-scale OpenFn implementations to be able to track the CPU, memory, read/write, and maybe even network stats for individual runs—have them captured somewhere that can then be used by, or disregarded by, whatever system is calling core.

Knowledge of the NodeVM would be helpful, as well as a basic background in system performance optimisation and resource consumption debugging!

Hi Taylor,
Thanks for the reply!
I am going through the GitHub repo and getting to know the project.
Could you suggest a good resource for resource consumption debugging as I don’t have a background in the same.
I am also looking into NodeVM. Could you also suggest a good starting point for the same ?
Is it feasible to start now (with a basic understanding of JavaScript and Node.js) and complete the project ( I have a lot of time on hand ) or is there some other project better suited for me ?

Sorry for the delay here! Re: starting now—I know that the core team at OpenFn is pretty tied up at the moment with implementation work so it might be hard to get much 1-on-1 guidance until the summer.

Re: resource consumption… I would start by checking out what the big monitoring-as-a-service companies provide for NodeJs, then use that as a jumping off point for more research into how NodeJs organizes memory, how you can track CPU usage, etc.

This looks interesting, for a start: Top Node.js Metrics to Monitor - Sematext

Hey, thanks for this. I am looking into monitoring for the past few days and am confident of getting a proposal in the required time. Other GSoC projects have some sort of competency task to perform, do you have the same? for eg solving some issues in the git repo or some such other task.