HL7 Integration help

Hey everyone,

I’m planning to integrate two system which use HL7v3 and DHIS2 respectively. I know that there’s a FHIR adapter, which is the newer standard of HL7 but I see that there’s no HL7 standalone adaptor. Does anyone have any experience integrating an HL7v2 / v3 system with OpenFN?

I’m assuming I need to first convert the HL7 message into JSON, then work with it from there.

Hi @Clem_Francis , We don’t have an adaptor for HL7v3 and i couldn’t find the documentation over the internet for HL7v3 API, Can you share the documentation for HL7v3 perhaps it’s compatible with our FHIR adaptor. If not we’d love to see your contribution in creating the HL7 adaptor. Could you consider opening a PR and contributing directly to our adaptors monorepo? See contribution guideline here

Let me know if you’re interested, and I’ll gladly assist you throughout the process.

Hey @Clem_Francis! The FHIR adaptor can work with all versions of HL7. We have come across a lot of use cases where we need to conform non-FHIR data to FHIR standards. We have some project prototypes on Lightning we can demo to you if you’re interested. Let us know and we can schedule call.

Also @Clem_Francis fyi @taylordowns2000 has been recently working on a DHIS2-FHIR repo for another partner. Sharing the link if you want to inspect the job code, and don’t hesitate to let us know if you’d like to schedule a call to walk through a demo.