how can transformations happen?

I am looking into OpenFN for a DHIS2 to DHIS aggregate data integration. These two DHIS2 instances are not the same, so I’ll need to transform the org units (n = 200) and data elements (n = 30). Is there a way to do this with OpenFN? I’d rather not script this if I don’t have to.

Hi Adam,

Yes, you can do this using OpenFn. I’d go about it with two separate jobs:

  1. Fetch data from the first DHIS2 instance using this fetchData function.
  2. Then post it to the new instance, building the dataValueSet however you want (new org units, new element IDs, etc.) using the dataValueSet function.
    I should mention that OpenFn offers a couple of hours of free setup consulting for non-profits and government implementations—please feel free to reach out to me directly ( if you want someone on our team to help you set up this integration.