How do we (can we?) access the OpenFn API?

We’d love to be able to access OpenFn via an API.

We’re building a dashboard webpage that keeps tabs on all of the bits of our integrated systems. We’d like to be able to list the last 10 failed OpenFn jobs here, or show a count of failed jobs in the last 24hrs/week/month.

I tracked this down:
but am not 100% sure what to do with it (and whether it’s applicable)

I tried logging in to OpenFn and then accessing a couple of different combinations of url:

but all gave 404s and I’m shooting in the dark…

Is the API accessible on hosted OpenFn accounts?
And if so, what are the urls I should be using to get the info I’m looking for?


Hey Andrew,

Currently, our only public API is your “add data” endpoint that accepts a JSON (or in some cases, XML) POST to your inbox url. Since our Elixir app delivers data to our front-end via an internal JSON REST API, we could help you work wit that but aren’t quite ready to make it public—and commit to not changing it!

That said, this is a fantastic feature request. Let’s work together to solve your current problem, and could you please add that request to


Hi Taylor,

Thanks, have submitted a feature request:

As this is mainly intended for internal system monitoring purposes, we don’t have a problem with using something that might change at some point in the future.