integration of commcare and salesforce

Absolutely, happy to help. Here’s the general flow:

  1. Start forwarding your form (or case) data to OpenFn from CommCare:

  2. Create a trigger that will match on the form submissions you’re looking for in CommCare: . You’ll probably want to have your trigger match on the CommCare formID, like this:

  3. Create a credential for your Salesforce system so that OpenFn can log in as you:

  4. Create a job that inserts a new patient each time a CommCare submission arrives:

    create("Patient__c", fields(
      field("Name", dataValue("form.surname")),
      field("Age__c", 7)

In the example above, you’ll insert a new “Patient__c” who’s always 7 years old and has their “Name” set by the “surname” field in your CommCare form.

I should note that Open Function offers a couple of hours of free setup consulting for non-profits and government projects. Please let me know if you’d like our help in setting up this first job.