IP Whitelisting

Hi – I’m trying to use OpenFn to transfer data from KoboToolbox to my CSP-hosted PostgreSQL database (on Azure). Actually, I was able to successfully complete a data transfer (everything works!) but only when I temporarily opened my Azure firewall to any IP address. If I lock down the IP addresses, the same job times out.

So I believe I have isolated the issue: I need to whitelist OpenFn systems. But I can’t find the required static IP anywhere nor any discussion of this. Or perhaps there is another way I can authenticate the connection? Can someone help me please!

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Hi @davidc , (cc: @joseph)

OpenFn runs on Kubernetes and by default the outbound IPs can change from time to time, but we do offer static outbound IPs (that you can add to a whitelist) as plan “add ons” for customers upon request. Are you up for a short conversation to discuss the project you need this for? Shoot me a note on taylor@openfn.org and we can schedule something; I’m sure we can sort you out!