Job timeout on, worked fine on local

Spoke with a customer recently who reported a timeout when running a mongodb job on that did not occur when running locally. Wanted to start a thread to see if anyone else is experiencing this.

I wonder if this could be an adaptor install issue? We know that we need to “warm” the adaptor cache after boot, and presumably also provide images pre-loaded with latest adaptor versions. This issue is on our radar. I’m skeptical because I’m 99% sure that the timeout starts getting calculated after the required adaptor is installed. Will double check.

Also, I wonder if jobs are being labelled as “timeout” when in fact the runner has exited badly. If this were the case, I would expect it to go away once the new RTM is in place.

Here’s the github issue to track it: Unexplained run timeout · Issue #1128 · OpenFn/Lightning · GitHub

Please speak up if you experience this yourself.