OpenFn v2, Lightning, released!

Lightning strikes! OpenFn v2 is released!

On behalf of the core team at OpenFn I’m incredibly excited to announce the release of OpenFn v2: :zap: Lightning! :zap:

We’ve been serving the non-profit/government sector since OpenFn v1 went live in 2014, and Lightning, our latest version, is based on years of feedback from our customers and community.

Lightning brings a totally new visual workflow builder to lower the technical barrier to data integration, a streamlined history management system to ensure you properly handle every business-critical request, a faster workflow engine to reach greater scale, and a host of new security and compliance features redesigned to better fit the needs of the social sector.

To learn more about all the exciting new features and release, check out our blog post on the Lightning launch.


That’s amazing, a great milestone achieved!

Congratulations to the team! Excited to see this go live :rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket:

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Weighing in late here, due to travel, but congratulations to the whole team. What a sensational milestone.

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