Process flow from SurveyCTO to PostrgeSQL database

Hi there. Wondering if we can walk through the process to connect SurveyCTO to a PostgreSQL DB I set up through

Thanks very much!


Hi @ryanblumenow , sure thing!

First, once the data gets into your OpenFn inbox you can follow the exact same process as you did for the Kobo-to-Postgres load jobs you created earlier. You’ll need to modify the job to make sure you’re pointing at the right places in your new source data, but the general structure will be the same.

Now, in order to get data into OpenFn from SurveyCTO, you’ve got two options:

  1. Set up a webhooks service on SurveyCTO that will forward submissions to your OpenFn inbox (much in the same way you did on Kobo); or
  2. Periodically fetch data from SurveyCTO, using the language-surveycto adaptor.

I’d recommend the first method, as it’s real-time and will require you to use fewer jobs on OpenFn. (With the fetch method, you’d need one job to fetch and then another to load to Postgres.)

Hope this helps. If you run into any troubles, please let me know!


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