Pulling data from ESPEN to DHIS2

Hi all, I would like to know whether it is possible to use OpenFn to pull data from the ESPEN portal (https://admin.espen.afro.who.int/docs/api) into DHIS2. Kindly advise the best way to go about this. Thanks

It sure is. ESPEN has a rest API (https://admin.espen.afro.who.int/docs/api/data), and you can fetch data from any of the endpoints using language-http. You can then transform the data into whatever format is required for your DHIS2 implementation and use language-dhis2 to load it into DHIS2.

We’d be happy to set this up for you. If you want to email aleksa@openfn.org we can continue the conversation for your particular implementation.


Sorry, one more thing to add: unless you can set up a webhook notification from ESPEN, you’d trigger this job with a timer trigger so it runs every X seconds.

Thanks Taylor. This is very helpful information. I shall be reaching out soon.