Query params not properly sent in http and dhis2?

Hey @jclark and @mtuchi , I’m here with @josephatjulius from UDSM DHIS2 Lab in Tanzania and Carlos from HISP Mozambique — just spoke to Joe on the phone but wanted to document this in the public forum in case anyone else runs into and knows a solution or wants to propose a fix.

The issue seems to be that query params aren’t being handled proprly on requests to dhis2 from the http adaptor or the dhis2 adaptor. (Note that these guys are running their own OpenFn instance and it’s on v2.5.4)


VER Versions:
    ▸ node.js                   18.17.1
    ▸ worker                    1.1.8
    ▸ @openfn/language-http     6.2.2


VER Versions:
    ▸ node.js                     18.17.1
    ▸ worker                      1.1.8
    ▸ @openfn/language-dhis2      4.0.5

They’re using DHIS2 40.3.2 - here’s the link as we expect it to respond: DHIS 2 Demo - Sierra Leone*

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Hi! @taylordowns2000 and I have already talked about this, but just for the record:

There was an issue in the HTTP adaptor (actually in the new common http helpers, so it’ll affect some other adaptors too) where query parameters embedded directly in the URL were not getting sent on.

So requests like this:


Will silently ignore the ?count=1 bit and not send that to the server.


That’s now fixed in http 6.2.3 and any adaptor based on common 1.13.5

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Hello @jclark, @taylordowns2000 and the team

We are happy for the close support for the issue we faced.
As you have seen was more of us not following the correct syntax.

Here is the link to the sample codes in case someone face similar syntax issue.

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