Running the OpenFN sever on a my machine

Am new to OpenFN,
do the steps listed here
help me run OpenFN??
What port or url am isupposed to get access it from ??

Hi Mozzy,

Welcome! provides a quick, pre-packaged way to run “jobs” from your command line. (It uses OpenFn/core and various language-packages, all part of our free and open source ETL tools.) If you want to automate the running of that job, you’d need to use something like cron, or set up a webserver to receive requests from elsewhere on the web and process incoming messages based on those requests. (That’s what does.) You can sign up for a free plan at and then point external HTTP requests to to trigger the execution of your jobs.

If you want to set up your own webserver to host OpenFn/core and need assistance, we can help with that as well! Contact and we can take it from there.