Second OSSC meeting of 2022

Hey OpenFn community,

Wednesday marked our second OSSC meeting - here’s what we discussed:

Current progress and next steps
We presented what our team at OpenFn has been working on laying the groundwork of OpenFn/Lightning - thinking about setting up user management, webhooks and flow/fail triggers, and enabling users to run a job through the user interface.

Our next steps are to explore representing existing OpenFn flows and jobs visually by displaying separate operations in blocks linked together on a canvas.

Product roadmap and prioritisation

  • the importance of putting in place the correct structures to achieve consensus across the community, and being able to manage conflicting priorities.
  • ensuring we don’t spread ourselves across too many different platforms
  • prioritization models as a way to take the politics out of feature prioritization and being more equitable. RICE
  • running regular meetings with product teams to get roadmap feedback preemptively as well as to manage expectations
  • extension points as another way to manage diverging feature requests - building out the extension point allows others to build out the features they want (tradeoff in terms of complexity, choosing the level of abstraction etc)

Security in the DPG space

  • Thinking about how hosted DPGs/DPI/Global Goods could adhere to recognized security standards such as SOC2-Level2 and ISO27001

Remaining points to discuss:
We’ve made a survey that we would like to send to our users to understand which of the features from our platform we can implement as they are, and which ones we should spend more time improving or redesigning as we build them out in Lightning.

Please fill it out and leave any comments or feedback in this thread before sending it on to anyone in your organisation or networks that use our platform.

You can find the presentation slides here.

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