Self host openFN

Hello Guys.
I would like to know if there is a documentation on how to self host openFN. meaning if there a software I can download and install it on my own servers.
Thank for your help

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Hi @djibril ,

Thanks for asking! The short answer is that you can self-host OpenFn/microservice which allows you to run OpenFN projects (jobs, triggers, and credentials) using entirely free and open source software (FOSS).

The longer answer is that we’ve got lots of documentation on how to plan for deployment and explanations of the various software that’s included in the FOSS OpenFn Integration Toolkit. The Toolkit includes microservice, core, engine, devtools, and dozens upon dozens of adaptors, but at the time of writing* it does not include the web UI you use at

In order to host the web UI from on your own servers, you’ll need a software license from Open Function Group (OFG). This isn’t hard to do, but there are software costs associated with self-hosting that are similar to those found at

Hope this helps. And if you’re keen on self-hosting the web UI, please do contact


* I say “at the time of writing” because OFG, the company that’s built and funded most of the open-source integration toolkit thus far, is currently working on developing a new business model and partnership model that would allow us to take the entire web UI open-source. So… watch this space and please feel free to be vocal if you’re interested in either helping out with that transition or merely want to know when it’s completed!

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Thank you @taylordowns2000 for your reply