Setting up GitHub version control for jobs

@dsurrao , re: your email on GitHub… check out the docs here: Project Management | OpenFn/docs

The big thing is to make sure you’ve got everything in GitHub before connecting. I’ve seen people end up overwriting Jobs in OpenFn before they actually check their code into GitHub by hastily setting up a sync. We’re actually designing a new flow that should limit this kind of complete overwriting. But, in short:

  1. Go to and connect GitHub by clicking on the three dot menu in the top right of the account card.
  2. After connecting (this is an OAuth step, so make sure you accept on GitHub) go to your project and click “Version Control”. This should take you to
  3. Pick the repo, the branch, and turn auto-deploy “on” if you want changes on that GitHub branch to update your jobs in OpenFn.
  4. On each job that you want to link, click “Edit” and then set the GitHub filepath to the path of the job in your repo. So for you, something like openfn/msr-fetch-from-dhis2/expression.js, etc., etc.
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Thanks @taylordowns2000, I’ve completed the above steps. Love this feature!

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