Third OSSC meeting of 2022

Hey OpenFn community, last Wednesday marked our third OSSC meeting. We welcomed Sovello Mgani as a new member - he will be taking over from Vrunda and contributing his expertise as a Senior Technical Advisor for Digital Square.

Here is what we covered in the meeting:

Current progress and next steps:
The OpenFn/Lightning repository has been made public - it can be viewed here.

We have hired a designer as a contractor to help us make the Lightning interface more intuitive as well as build out figma prototypes that enable us to iterate on different designs and solutions before we build them out.

Discussion of the figma prototype:
We discussed the first iteration of the Lightning prototype, which focussed on the workflow builder and the runs history to monitor workflow runs.

The objectives for this prototype were to:

  • Make the web app less overwhelming compared to platform
  • Improve the intelligibility of workflows so that new users can easily grasp their overarching logic
  • Reduce the time it takes to set up a workflow

Detailed notes from the discussion can be found in this google doc - feel free to add your comments !

Let us know what you think !
If you are an existing or potential OpenFn user, we’d love to hear from you. You can take a look at our figma prototype here. Leave your comments in the thread below, or get in touch with our product manager to set up a user interview.

If you are a developer, you can also give us a hand by taking a look at our Lightning repository on github and testing the Docker deployment.

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