Unable to setup locally in Mac M1 Laptop

Am using mac m1 chip, anytime I try to run mix lightning.install_runtime I get this error:

sh: /path_to_directory/Lightning/_build/dev/lib/rambo/priv/rambo: No such file or directory
when I go to `Lightning/_build/dev/lib/rambo/priv/` there are some files including a `rambo.exe` file. Please help

Hello @petach can you try to rename Lightning/_build/dev/lib/rambo/priv/rambo.mac to Lightning/_build/dev/lib/rambo/priv/rambo

Hi @mtuchi Yes that has worked. Thanks much. A short explanation as per why the change??

@mtuchi , is this required for all M1s? I’m not sure there’s any reference to this in the README. If so, would you please add this to the setup instructions?

Ok, I will do so.


Hey @petach , thanks to @mtuchi we now have updated the README in two key places to support Apple silicon:

  1. #Elixir & Ecto Setup now includes a forced compile for rambo
  2. #Problems with Rambo now has a troubleshooting guide, including instructions on how to install rust on your machine.

Hi @Taylor Downs . Thanks for that. Yes its now easy to setup.