Visual Mapping module

It is possible to have a visual Mapping Module like we have in other plateform like Talend ?

Hi Djibril,

Thanks for the suggestion.

Today, if you’re using OpenFn v2, you can visually draw your workflows as seen below (an OpenFn replica) but will required some basic knowledge of JavaScript to get it done.

In the near future, we plan to have visual data mapping as a feature on OpenFn for basic mapping and transformation use cases. We believe this will help our users to get more done with less code. We are currently spec’ing out what a minimum viable feature will be and how it will work so I might not be able to communicate actual timelines. As soon as we have a timeline, you will be updated via this thread and we will also update the product roadmap with this.

That said, I will also like to know how you are planning to use visual mapping, what datasets you’re working with and how you’re currently solving your mapping challenges.

Lastly, as an open source platform, we work with community members as contributors or sponsors to accelerate the development of features or use cases they want on the platform. Please let me know if this is of interest to you.

Kind regards,
Ayodele Adeyemo