Welcome to the OpenFn Community on Discourse

The OpenFn Community is a place to get help, share best practices, and discuss data integration, automation, and interoperability across ICT4D. At OpenFn, we build and maintain the OpenFn.org iPaaS, OpenFn/core, OpenFn/microservice, OpenFn/devtools, and lots of adaptors (e.g. OpenFn/language-dhis2 or OpenFn/language-openmrs) that enable scale for health and humanitarian interventions. You can find others implementing these tools here and get support from the OpenFn staff, but this is also a place to discuss integration in ICT4D more generally. OpenFn was founded in 2014, and even in the last 3 or 4 years we’ve seen a notable uptick in interest in interoperability across health and humanitarian work. This community is a space for sharing about that work, whether it’s related to these specific technologies or not.

We’re in business! I have to say, the Discourse migration process from Google Groups was truly a breeze. Fantastic product :slight_smile: