What organizations out there are using OpenFN with SalesForce?

We’re looking at SalesForce for our program monitoring (M&E) and I see that OpenFn has support for SalesForce. I am just curious, who else is using SalesForce in this way, and how has OpenFN been used. Just looking for the main usecases.

Hi Adam,

language-salesforce is one of the most commonly used adaptors on OpenFn. We’ve got some cool case studies too: myAgro (working on agriculture), Lwala (working on community health) and Miracle Feet (working on clubfoot).

There are lots more (Salesforce is highly configurable and we’ve got tons of experience with it, especially via our partners at Vera Solutions) but I’m hoping this gives you a good start. What kinds of work do you do?

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Hello @taylordowns2000 We have a requirement to integrate Kobotoolbox to Salesforce, Is it possible to use OpenFN for this?

Welcome @thomasjins ! Yes, it’s a pretty standard use case on OpenFn. You could start by checking out how to connect Kobo to OpenFn and then take a look at our Salesforce connection guide.

Assuming that you’ve got a webhook set up in Kobo, so that data is securely forwarded to OpenFn, you’ll just need one job… something that creates/updates your desired records in Salesforce using the source data from each Kobo submission. Try this one from the Jobs Library as a template to start with: Create SF Contact | OpenFn/docs

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Thanks @taylordowns2000 for the warm response, very helpful, exploring into it now, and will come back soon.

You’re most welcome :slight_smile:

Yes, please don’t hesitate to post if/when you have questions!